Meet Us

UpTech has real people servicing real needs. Here are the minds that keep up with technology.

Marshall Whaling – CEO and President

Marshall Whaling serves as the Chief Operating Officer and President of UpTech and oversees the daily operations of the company. Prior to founding UpTech, Marsh served in numerous executive positions including CEO of Art Van Furniture and head of retail operations for Circuit City Stores and Best Buy.

An executive with deep experience in building and operating retail, technology and education companies, he recognized the need for personal technology support and cost-effective technology solutions within the local community. In response, he established UpTech to help business owners, consumers and students by delivering reliable and secure technology product solutions and services in the most affordable ways.

Eric Glymph – Chief Financial Officer

Eric Glymph serves as Chief Financial Officer of UpTech and provides financial analysis and business support. In addition, he is an adjunct instructor at Virginia Commonwealth University, teaching undergraduate senior level corporate strategy and finance for entrepreneurs. Earlier in his career, Eric held the position of Director of Financial Planning and Analysis with AT&T Mobility.

Recognized within the business community for his integrity, problem solving abilities, work ethic and superior analytical skills, Eric helps UpTech create and deliver its unique value proposition for consumers and small businesses.

Chris Hessler – Midlothian Location Manager

Chris Hessler serves as Midlothian Location Manager of UpTech, directing operations and specializing in mobile device repair. Prior to joining UpTech, Chris served as district service supervisor for Sprint for 12 years. In that role, he gained valuable experience and knowledge that he applies to magically bring dead smartphones back to life.

Highly respected in the community for his honesty, sound advice and persistence in resolving issues for his clients, Chris delivers the ultimate in customer care.

Josh Breth – Farmville Location Manager

Josh Breth serves as Farmville Location Manager of UpTech and oversees operations and mobile device repair. Josh’s strong understanding of logistics and love for visual merchandising has been instrumental in growing small retail businesses. Prior to joining Uptech, he managed operations and the warehouse of a high-end music retail shop.

Skilled at interacting with the community and building strong relationships, Josh provides exceptional customer care, treating each client like family.

Robert Rife – Chief Information Officer

Robert Rife serves as Chief Information Officer of UpTech. He provides disaster recovery/business continuity planning, design and support for small to mid-market businesses. A certified and skilled systems engineer with over 25 years experience in the technology field, Robert holds multiple industry certifications including Certified Ethical Hacker, Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator, CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner, and ISO 27000 specialist. In addition, he has a Masters of Education in Curriculum Design. He’s currently in his third year of a Doctorate of Science program focusing on Information Security.

Respected as an authority within the information technology field, Robert is an expert in system integration, project management and implementation of new technologies, as well as designing, installing, documenting and maintaining multi-protocol networks. He’s dedicated to his customers and applies his expertise to help them achieve organizational success.